•Items do not have every ingredients list on descriptions, Please inform server before ordering if you’re allergic to certain ingredients.
•Many items contain raw ingredients, sesame, soy gluten, wheat/flour/batter



Lightly salted steamed Japanese soy beans.

Spicy garlic edemame


Sautéed edamame with garlic, butter and dry chili



Sautéed jelapeno with garlic , butter and soy sauce.

Gyoza (6pcs)


Pan fried pot stickers.

Fried calamari


Deep fried calmari tempura, comes with spicy mayo sauce.

Spicy Calamari


Deep fried calamari with coma, eel and siracusa sauce

Salmon collar


Grilled salmon Collar served with homemade ponzu sauce.

Yellowtail Collar


Grilled Yellowtail Collar served with homemade ponzu sauce.

Soft shell crab


Deep fried whole crab served with homemade ponzu sauce.

Baked green mussels ( 4 pcs)


Baked with spicy mayonnaise with eel and homemade ponzu sauce .

Shrimp tempura (5 pcs shrimp)


Deep fried shrimp tempura

Vegetable tempura (6pcs vegetable)


Deep Fried mix vegetables tempura.

Mix tempura ( 3 shrimp and 4 pcs. Vegetable)


Deep fried mix vegetable and shrimp tempura.

White fish tempura


Deep fried white fish tempura with spicy mayonnaise and eel sauce.

Cripy rice with spicy tuna(6 pcs)


Deep fried rice with spicy tuna top jalapeno with eel and siracha sauce.

Hamachi cappacio


Very thin sliced yellow with yuzu ponzu dressing with olive oil, sprout , jalapeno and sliced garlic.

Chicken karage


Deep fried marinated chicken with dipping sauce on the side.

Tuna Tataki ( 8 pcs)


Sliced Seared Tuna, green onion, with special sauce.

Ikura Oroshi


Fresh salmon roe with grated daikon shoyo sauce.